There's no doubt that floating works - as a therapeutic, educational and entertainment tool it has powerful effects on a number of levels, including the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. But why is the floatation environment so effective? What can be so actively beneficial in an essentially passive device? This is a question that has intrigued scientists, and today there is floatation research going on in laboratories around the world. The evidence accumulated so far falls into a number of distinct, though interrelated explanations.



7 Theories on Floation

Jason's Seminars

Why 'Float'

'Dive into experience!' - Rumi

Please join globally-renowned psychologist, author and communicator Dr. Jason Cressey, PhD (Oxford) who is in town to deliver a unique full day seminar on Saturday 1st October hosted at the Cape Town Medi-Spa. This play~workshop will follow a public talk that may be hosted at the Aquarium on Friday night (venue still to be confirmed-please check back)

Dolphins and whales have always fascinated scientists, poets and mystics alike. This unique workshop provides an excellent introduction to dolphins and whales from a variety of perspectives – scientific to spiritual, and is Ideal for anyone interested in marine mammals and their oceanic home. There will be a mixture of factual material, story-telling, video and audio footage, together with games and self-help techniques inspired by dolphins and whales. 

TOPICS COVERED will include
* What legends do Native Peoples tell about cetaceans?
* Is it possible to communicate with dolphins and whales?
* Becoming more spontaneous, creative and 'in the flow'
* Is swimming with dolphins really ‘therapeutic’ or ‘healing’?
* Why is floating in salt tanks at spas becoming so popular?
* What can humans learn from these friends in the sea?
* How to be a leader within your 'pod' without needing to be the one in power. 

YOUR GAINS from this day will include
* An understanding of dolphin and whale evolution, their ‘space-age’ physiology and their unique social behaviour
* An experience of the healing power of sound, and its effects in relieving stress and practising mindulness
* The opportunity to have fun, learn something new, and meet like-minded ‘human dolphins’!
* Information about the healing energy that dolphins and whales share with us, and the skills to utilise this for our own well-being

The workshop is presented by Dr Jason Cressey, who gained his PhD in psychology from Oxford University, UK, and has had encounters with wild dolphins and whales all over the world. He has written and lectured extensively, and leads trips to swim with wild dolphins and whales. He is Director of ‘The POD – People, Oceans, Dolphins’ in Canada. 

Dr. Cressey began his specialised global reseaerch with dolphins and whales after his interest was aroused during a floatation capsule experience while listening to the healing sounds of dolphins at Thaliandia spa in London in the 1990's :)

“Of course, it was the eyes…This dolphin, by taking a moment to look at me looked into me. I could feel it…I’ll never know what she did or how she did it, but she touched and freed the person that lay encrusted beneath all that guarded self”

– Patricia St John, ‘The Secret Language of Dolphins’

3 OPTIONS for you to choose from:

Workshop & Lunch with a Johke vegan feast



Workshop Only


Workshop, Lunch &

Floatation Therapy 


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